Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dressing the bump

the other day, i was headed out for a girlie dinner in town.
and threw on a little black dress back from when i was in college.
the dress was simple, had a little scallop trimming
but more importantly had a drop waist and stretchy. 

as i was getting dressed, the husband came home. 
and was snooping around the bathroom.
and gave me a funny face. 

and we both agreed that i looked like someone outta "sixteen and pregnant"
(please tell me someone watches that! i can't be the only person on earth watching trashy reality tv, right? any takers? )
so i shimmied out of that dress shamefully and pulled on this casual jumper
that i used to travel in cos it is used to be soooo roomy.

can you see how it didn't turn out that casual?
i looked like i was out ready to go clubbing!!
(or lap dancing...)

*le sigh* 

p.s. there has been a lot of preggo talk around here.
we're between our temporary home and our less temporary home 
and all our crafty and camera gear is in storage!!
but things will change soon!



  1. don't worry... i've watched that :)
    your apartment is nice...

  2. Ooo. Your bump is belly big already! Looking good!

    1. HUGE huh? i feel like im carrying a watermelon around...

    2. Yeah! Haven't seen many posts of you full length so didn't know you were due so soon. Belly good!:) congrats again and can't wait to see mu's lil brother!

    3. Oops just realised I said little brother when I don't even know if it's blue or pink.... Haha I do not hv higher powers unfortunately.. Mu's new sibling!

    4. lol! :) i was just wondering if you knew something i didnt! *hugs* thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. Lookin' sexxxayyyy! And you said that you've been dressing 'down' :P Liar! You're ready to go to a cocktail party!

    1. it was not meant to be!!

      i used to wear this on drabby plane rides!! its the bump. it makes everything slinkier and tighter!!!

  4. Looking good! When are you due?

  5. me me! I only watch reality nowadays as i have no patience to sit through drama serials. My faves are the food related ones and wedding related ones like "Say Yes to the Dress!". I like The Bachelor too lol

  6. yayyyy trashy movie five! :) i used to watch even more in the states but recently, i've cut down and forced myself to read a bit more.

    i LOVE "say yes to the dress"! :)

  7. hahaha, though i have never watched sixteen and pregnant, i was an avid fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians! so, im not here to judge :P

    looking classy with your hair bunned up!

    1. hahahahhahaa!!! it sounds right up my alley! :)

      p.s. thanks! the humidity is slowly getting to me!

  8. Very chic. Don' worry you look great. I wasn't able to pull off the hot pregnant mama look. More like the preggo lady who was stuck in the 90s time warp wearing jumpers, leggings and uggs. Not very chic but it was comfortable for me at the time.

    BTW, I am loving the spiral staircase in the background. Your temporary place looks fab.


    1. hahaha! :) comfort is the key!

      p.s. thanks! we love the staircase but totally forgot that poor muu has a huge phobia for steps! so we needed to carrying him each time he needed to go up and down! note for future home - no steps!


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