Friday, September 28, 2012

do y'all have awesome friends?

the kind of friends who write to you. 
or make you laugh with just a text message?
and swing by to drop off a tiny gift.
spend time rubbing your back when you're feeling sick.
who's words warm your hearts..
(i don't know why people use the word cockles of your heart. i must have mis-learnt the meaning of cockles. cos i really don't enjoy those little clams. and they occasionally cause tummy-aches.
but i digress...)

i don't know all of you well.
but from the deepest bit of my heart, i hope you do.
i know it's dumb to think that i can share friendship, cos i can't.
 but my friend wrote the sweetest thing to me today (about birth).
and i wanted to share...
"think of only positive thoughts and remember the amazing gift you get when it's all over.
its incredible how much your heart grows when you see that little thing.
you will experience love at first sight like you never knew before and all the pain just disappears."

now isn't that incredibly empowering and beautiful? 
i want to frame it in a picture!

it makes me really look forward to experiencing something im so fearful of before!
hope you all have awesome inspiring friends like mine.

have a lovely weekend!



  1. i do!! in fact i have 3 VERY close girlfriends (how lucky am i?! some folks struggle to just find one gem of a friend). me mates and i are almost like quad twin sisters. we're so in tune with each other after almost 20 years of friendship.

    one of my besties just gave birth earlier this year. she is the only person by far that's making me look forward to having a child of my own. its all about trust isn't it? i trust my girls with my life even!!

    thank god for our girl friends. here!! here!!

    1. that sounds perfect, hon! we have a little group of 4 too that im always so grateful for! im the first to go (pop a kid) so im a little lost! but they've been great and super supportive!


  2. Reading what your friend told me brought a tear to my eyes and I think all mums will tell you that it's all true. So there's really nothing to fear at all! In just a few more weeks you and D will be the proud parents of a beautiful baby. In the meantime, just enjoy the alone time that the both of you have right now. Oh yeah, and sleep in as much as you can too. ;)

    1. totally right? must be true if it can be put so eloquently in simple words and all the other mommas agree! *deeeeeep breaths*

      WE CAN DO IT!!! :)


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