Wednesday, August 1, 2012

surfing in japan :: onjuku

last weekend, we decided to tag along our friends' surf day. our dear friends (are you starting to realize that they're our only friends in japan?) go surfing real often and we always listen to their awesome stories enviously! so when they invited us to go along, we were so excited!!

and brought this bugger, 
who was more interested in raiding my bag for snacks...

despite the rain, he was very excited to go into the water..

keiko getting ready for her birthday surf...

this little one had way too much fun. 
he ran up and down the entire beach making friends and enjoying cuddles from everyone...

but wasn't too pleased when papi put him on the surfboard.

the spiffy surf crew!!!

seeya later, onjuku!
thanks for having us, guys!!



  1. Oooohh.. I miss surfing. The water must be very cold if everyone has to wear a full wetsuit during the summer. The ocean is warm during the summer where I live in the right (East) coast, but I remember surfing in a full suit in left (West) coast during the summer. Now I miss NORCal.
    PS. Muu is such a cutie.

    1. it was freezing! in fact, no pictures of me because i was huddled under blankies on the beach! :)

      p.s. muu says "thanks!!"


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