Tuesday, August 7, 2012

new reads :: how to behave and why

i love that we live in the land of amazon. buying books has never been easier!!

i guess its a double-edge sword since the boy is trying to digitize all our media
and here i am building a library! :) 

i picked out this sweet little book on a whim last week..

and it arrived!! its soooo darn adorable.
i can imagine reading such a classic to our little bub in future! :)
maybe if i raided my bookshelves at home i might even find my own copy!!



  1. the coolest thing my dad ever did was when he made and distributed these simple labels that say something like, 'this book belongs to nadia o'brien, given to her by.............'

    there were a few empty lines at the bottom for whoever gave that book to state why/ what the book means to them or why they'd like for the baby to receive it. dad wasn't keen on receiving more toys or clothes for me as gifts. so this was the result!!

    i think its super cool and vow to do the same when i have kids of my own. if you ever decide to start one, lemme know!!!!! i'd like to contribute to the library please?? send me a label!!!!!!!! <3

    1. awww... thats so sweet! that would be wonderful in lieu of a billion onesies and shockingly baby-y gifts! :)

      i'll definitely send you one and have you copyright that idea!! :)

      p.s. thanks for thinking of our bub!

  2. Congratulations, mother-to-be! Hold onto your hat, this trip is about to get wild!

    You are going to be stunned at the level of love you're going to feel for your little one the minute you gaze into his eyes, no one could have prepared me for that! Your heart will grow three sizes larger - just you wait and see!

    1. Awwww that's really the sweetest and most encouraging thing anyone had told me about parenthood!

      I really look forward to experiencing that! Im truly excited to join the club!



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