Thursday, August 2, 2012

in tokyo :: an afternoon in shimokitazawa

today, im taking you around one of my favorite neighborhoods with me!! :) 

 i never ever remember to bring my camera especially when im with friends (im concious that i look like a dork!! plus we're always chatting so much i forget midway through!)

today, we're at shimokitazawa!! 

a charming little neighborhood away from the hustle bustle of metropolitan city. i love the windy little streets and stores filled with wondrous knick-knacks. 

each time im here, i think of my friends tricia and chie. i've spent lovely afternoons with each of them at shimokitazawa and they showed me their favorite stores. so different but each with its own charm.

popped into an udon store for a quick lunch. 
(im obsessed with udon.)

cute little details in the windows of stores...
this store is one of many carrying vintagey prairie / bohemian dresses. 

and little florists on almost every corner!!

it was too warm for non-stop shopping so i popped into this charming coffee shop for an iced coffee.
many stores here don't welcome photography inside. but it was decorated like an apothecary with vintage books and curiosities speckled around while you perch on the bench and watch the world go by.. 
very pretty experience... 

cute graffiti around! 

time for an icecream! i got a chou pastry filled with icecream
*and made a mess eating*

chie's favorite hideout, 3 biki no koneko (“three little kittens” in japanese) is in this little alcove of thrift stores! i popped in and check out their 630 yen racks! nothing caught my eye this afternoon but picked up a few trinkets from the next store, which rents out little cubies to craft sellers. so its like a real-life etsy store! super fun! 

oopsie! where did all the time go?
let's grab a quick iced tea from lupicia right around the corner before 
we hop on the train back to town!! 

hope you had fun on our little virtual visit to shimokitazawa!



  1. aaaah! that was a fun afternoon :)
    i miss tokyo and can't wait to be back in a month!

    1. lucky you!! :) and this time you can bring your beau around to explore the city you lived in! how fun!

  2. Looks like a sweet little town

    1. its so much fun! and so different from downtown tokyo! :) i feel like im in a completely different city when im here!

  3. I have been to that coffee shop before! I was sad that I could t take photos in there, it was so charming. =) didn't see the other shops when I was there though. Time to head back again =)

    1. teeheee!! its so pretty right?? :)

      indeed! a while back, there were talks about building a highway and shimo getting torn down. but i didn't hear anything. hope that's not true!!!

  4. That's one of my favorite parts of Tokyo! Awesome thrift stores!

    1. funny thing is i can totally see you chilling out in one of the cool cafes here! :)


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