Thursday, August 30, 2012

in the kitchen :: kimchi yakisoba

one of the first things that drew me to the boy was his culinary skills. it sounds a lot more major when i say it that way! but truth is, we're no fancy chefs. but i think major points go to he who can hold his own ground in the kitchen! housework scores bonus points too!

this is a recipe that he came up with when he was a dingy poor 19 yo student teaching english in kanazawa. being a smaller town more than 10 years ago, they had very few international cuisine options so it forced him to get a little creative!

this is what you need :: yakisoba (any noodles), meat (sausage, bacon, sliced pork..), garlic, leeks and a pack of kimchi. common things you can find in our fridge! 

first, heat up your pan with a little oil, throw in the garlic, then the sausage, then the leek, spice up with paprika, salt and pepper if you wish. then throw in the noodles and then kimchi. add a bit of water and if you like, you can season it more with pre-packed sachets. stir-fry until mixed well! 

and you have a meal in less than 15 mins!!

p.s. sometimes i mess around with his "original" recipe by adding beansprouts, green onions, sesame seeds and greens. but if he's home, i can never sneak it in...

works great with a side of tzatziki (recipe here) to balance the spiciness
but otherwise, serve up with iced cold beer! 



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