Monday, August 6, 2012

in the kitchen :: cheesy quesadilla

i've been recently obsessed with cheese quasadillas.

one fine day, i decided to make the boy a healthy pre-dinner snack 
to distract him from his chips...

ever since, we've been on a roll!

here's what you need to make a quesadilla:: 

(1) block of your favorite cheese
leftover flour tortillas 
salsa (in a jar or fresh)

and to make a healthier snack, i like to throw in peppers, avocado and mushrooms into mine. 
or a handful of grilled chicken breast to make it a meal.

easy peasy!!

have a fabulous monday!



  1. Oooh, they look yummy!!

    And I am LOVING your maternity photos. I'm so pleased that I captured my pregnancy so that our baby is here, those photos of her growing inside me seem extra special!!

    Plus, you are totally rocking the maternity look!


  2. okay, this is random but i like your serving plate! :P

  3. its from liberty for target! :) isn't it super cute???


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