Wednesday, August 29, 2012

home diy :: doggy diaper how to

our little munchkin comes to as many day trips and parties as he can. 

he absolutely LOVES being in the company of our friends and not that he's ever made a boo-boo but we couldn't imagine the embarrassment of having an oopsie on our friends' furniture. 
so, we always put him in a doggie diaper.

plus, i love me a good diapybum!!

we've received a few queries after posting this picture above and it turns out that doggy diapers ain't that common in other parts of the world! and are usually used for medical reasons for aged dogs so they're pretty pricey.

p.s. i get it that this is not going to be a tutorial that's useful for many of y'all! but i was completely floored when i came up with this genius idea!! so indulge in me a little..

so start with a baby diaper from any grocerystore.
(newborn = 2 - 3 kg tiny dog bum)

put it on your pup and mark the position of his tail.. i had a sample so i traced the exact position
cut out a little flap big enough for the tail...

and diaper up! :) 

i hope it helps! it might take a little bit of trial and error to get the size right for your dog but pals with babies might have a whole range of diapers for you to size up before you buy a full pack!!



  1. hehehe diapers are so cute, and this is a great idea! i didn't know that doggie diapers weren't common. i swear i saw them in the States before, but I'm not sure - my stuffed animals are usually mess free! hehe

    1. what's common in the states & japan is NEVER in singapore! but in more positive news, crate and barrel is coming to singapore! no doubt they would be extremely inflated....

      but fingers crossed anthropologie and the whole online shopping and free shipping culture gets transported to singapore soon!! then you can totally move and live here with us!!

      p.s. you have no idea how lucky you are that momo and mookie don't need walks, poop and eat! saves you so much time!

    2. lol yeah.. they don't like exercise that much. they like to stay 'stuffed'. haha

      you mean shopbop and all of those stores don't ship to singapore yet?? no kidding! and i thought japan was bad~ you can always ship to me and i can ship to you!

    3. i think shopbop does! but not anthro and the works!! :) and we dont have a local amazon! i'll holler if i need anything shipped!!

      but poor mookie! despite not exercising that much she's losing weight!! poor bub!!

  2. Awww cute! Merries diapers are awesome for baby too. They are our fave coz the indicator is so easy to read. Oh and anthro does ship here, shipping is very expensive though!

    1. oooo daniel saw your comment first and told me that im in trouble! :) thanks for the heads up babe!

  3. ewok soiled himself (and my white upholstery) every where around the house post-enema. was livid cause cat diapers are so friggin expensive!!!!!

    you are right!! they're mostly for incontinent and elderly pets. how annoying. but this is such a brilliant idea!!!!!! i'd joke about it to my mum in law, but didn't think this would work!!!

    ooooh miss Zhing, where were you when i needed your genius posts. *sigh* :)

    1. awwwww your poor baby! cuddles!!!!! but i'd totally have some of these on standby in case!! :)

  4. I use merries! Hardcore fan.. Gd choice! I have a big pack of S for u. Lol!! Pass u soon! Jerine

    1. YAYYYYYYY!!! thanks honey! :) my friend (see above) is a huge fan too! and we've been eyeing that brand!! yayyyyyybeans!!


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