Thursday, August 16, 2012

five reasons why i kick ass :: by musashi

1 - i've mastered the art of fake coughing and my papi wakes up to let me out of my sleepypod. then i get to snuggle in with them in bed for a few hours! win!! 

2 - i rock the hobo nappy hair look. i also pull off multiple shades of yellow on my little face.

3 - i don't look a day older than 2 (even though im 8!!)

4 - all i do is nap and my folks go gaga and take a billion pictures of me. sleeping.

5 - my blood test came back 140 times higher than the legal required level. ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING FORTY!!! rock on!!!

need i say more? 

muu with a smug face.


  1. Replies
    1. We're so proud of him that he gets away with all kinds of naughtiness these days!!! Sigh..

  2. omigosh!!! what was in his blood that was higher than normal?? drugs?? booze?? noooooo!! don't tell me its worse still.... sugar and cholesterol!!!!! pfffft. rock star. haHahaha!!!

    i've always wondered why the facial fur on a fuzzy baby like muu turns yellow-ish. is it caused by their tear ducts? muu is a squishy wittle ting though!!!! rock star with anyone else, but still mummy and papi's little rascal. haHahaha!!

    1. Defo pumped with drugs!! He took soooo many (mandatory) vaccines! And took it all like a champ! Each time I was crying my eyes out.. Sigh

      The yellow fur is caused by this tear ducts, food and mostly his boy dog dirtiness!! So yucky!!


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