Tuesday, July 31, 2012

on lazy weekday afternoons...


im usually holed up at home with musashi at my feet rushing through a project of some sort! then before i know it, its time for work and im grabbing a snack while running out of the door.
but every week, i force myself to leave the house a couple hours earlier to catch up with my sweet co-workers...

we usually meet in the starbucks near work...

i really need to budget my time better! shame on my dripping wet hair! 
how unbecoming of me...

oh mika! you look so cute just doing the most normal thing...

sometimes we knit, sometimes we correct papers, sometimes we chat about the silliest things! 
it kinda reminds me of college. me and my girlies, holed up in cafes, in crummy sweatshirts, unfinished homework, making our coffee last all afternoon.

and after a little chitchat, my hair would dry into a frizzball.
but the grown up world would seem a lot less scary...

what do you do if you had a lazy weekday afternoon?



  1. I am missing lazy weekday afternoons... i would go for a facial, a yoga session, shop, cook and just chill... ah... nice..

    1. oooo yoga! i really should go more often! *sigh*

  2. That looks really good fun - well worth finding the time for! xxx

  3. girlfriends are the best, aren't they!? im trying to squeeze in more time for them!! :)

  4. You make a cute frizzball! Are you going to carry on teaching after baby comes?

    1. im taking a short break to focus on the baby for a bit and will think about it after! :)

  5. dog park and farmers market! but other than that when i work a lot during the week i'm happy not to leave the house...need to decompress before the next crazy week.

  6. oooooo farmers markets! wished we had that more in japan!! :)

    but i totally get what you mean about staying home!! that's what our weekends are like!!


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