Tuesday, July 17, 2012

marine day luncheon

we were invited to our friends place for marine day party! the same friends who came up with these amazing menus so shamelessly we went with a really light brekkie! guess what! we ate sooo much we didn't need dinner even!! *sigh* we really need to work a little on our self control...

started with a cold gazpacho, perfect for the warm summer weather..

the husband's favorite...

mushroom with garlic and sherry vinegar..

spanish omelette & homemade olives...

the highlight of our meal - paella made by the chef's wife..
amazing what this duo can whip up in the kitchen.

lamb meatballs in tomato sauce...

crema catalana - i could eat this all day...

and our little contribution - fresh abalone from our weekend adventures 
in butter, garlic and lemon.

im still in pure bliss dreaming of all the amazing seafoody flavors...



  1. oh my gooooodnessssssss i'm so sad that i missed it~!!!!! wow those meatballs! the paella! the tostini! omg looks sooo good!

    1. it was craycray! you would have appreciated it! we were struggling to finish the alcohol too!!

      p.s. i held back due to peer pressure! tell ya more later!


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