Monday, July 2, 2012

in singapore :: fabulousness with my girls

how was your weekend, loves?

we had a fabulously relaxing weekend complete with long slow walks, long naps and deliciously sinful meals with our friends. we also packed in some serious muu-cuddles!!
so so blessed.. im literally glowing from my every pore!!

last weekend, we were in singapore celebrating my best friends wedding. i "took leave" from daniel and flew in a week earlier to catch up with my girls. we were enjoying our spa visits, facials, kara-ok and running around town a little bit too much to remember my camera!

we camped out at the sentosa resort & spa and was treated to the loveliest staycation with the bridey before the wedding! we dragged out mini overnight bags across town and crashed into this amazingly lush suite...

it was one epic glorious sleepover, complete with facial masks, some bouquet making and a lot of girliness...

but before that... we were witnesses to their civil ceremony 
which made all of us tear a little bit.

p.s. complete eyelash envy...
(im thinking to go back to eyelash extensions again soon...)

the neon girlies rocking the colors...

bride & the cutest mom ever!!

the groom and his fly bowtie..

a prelude to her rad wedding day outfits...

seriously the best looking couple ever, right?
it's nice one in a while to take a break and camp out with the girls. as sweet as the husband is, nothing quite matches up to having a roomful of girlies, latest beauty fixes, conclusions on the best pastel nail polishes and their fab fashion tastes. and it just felt so nice to be reminded of our silly midnight soirees back in our college days. 
im so deliriously happy staring at this set of picture...
what to do without my girlfriends? :)

happy monday, folks!



  1. Sorry for my long hiatus from your blog!!! Feeling under the weather today so am resting at home today so decided to catch up on my reads! Crazy long, sorry!

    But your email made me grinned like a Cheshire cat last night. :D Love you babe!!!

    1. good lord who apologizes from long hiatuses! :) but yayy for lazy mondays in! :) im chilling at home too!!

      love you too!!!!! xx

  2. oh my, i was looking at your entries with your girlies, and i spot something familiar. VJ uniform?!

    anyways, you ladies looked lovely!

  3. were you also from vjc?? :) these girlies are my vjc pals! :)

  4. i was in vjc for a year, so i had brief memories! :P
    i did find one of your gfs familiar-looking! hee

    1. hmm, i highly doubt so. no recollection on that at all (blame it on age)

      guess i enjoyed people-watching at such a tender age :P

    2. heehee! :) its ok better that way! i was such a goofbag back then too!!

      ahhh vjc. so young then!!


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