Thursday, July 26, 2012

a week of tea :: tea during pregnancy

 i won't try to hide but figuring your way around pregnancy is mighty scary! especially if its your first (worse if you're a hypochondriac like me). for starters, when you first discover that you're with child, we're conditioned to not chat about it till much later. 

:: my favorite gen-mai tea ::

i found it especially difficult dealing with all my question in a foreign country with little help... every few seconds i wanted to ask "can i eat sushi?", "am i allowed to swim?", "man i really miss tea..." so i wrote to wyna from allerines asking if it was ok to drink tea. 

here are some links she shared with me. 
  • in general, caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy. so many mums to be turn to herbal teas, and first on the list usually is chamomile, but in fact this is one of the teas that is not recommended during pregnancy. | source |
  • rooibos has no caffeine and is low in tannin, so it can be enjoyed all day long without any unpleasant side effects. this also makes it a great tea for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • you can consider steeping your tea for a shorter time for a lighter blend or replacing some of your favorite blends for decaffiinated and a guilt-free afternoon drink.
  • herbal teas can be good replacements black tea but be a little careful of what's in the blend for example rosemary, sage, anise. | source
in my first trimester, after confirming with my doctor, i was given the green light to sip on ginger tea, korean corn tea and "spiked" my green teas with a splash for lemon juice for a twee bit more vitamin c. they really helped me tide over the difficult days. but everything in moderation i guess! :)
hope it helps!

have a lovely thursday!!



  1. Wow.. this Allerine have really interesting blends!

    1. keep posted! i have a readers discount for allerines tomorrow! :)

  2. You should see the list/info sheet we get when we have our first antenatal appointment - a whole list of things we're not supposed to eat, made Christmas and family occasions a very tricky food journey ;)

    I was naughty though, had coffee and tea throughout the last pregnancy and celebrated with loads of sushi on the way home from the hospital ;)

    1. wow!! good thing my gyno is pretty relaxed and keeps telling me "please enjoy!" when i ask about different food! :)

      heehee!! i can't wait to load up on sushi! i have been sneaking in a little here and there! :)

  3. why don't you just take flower tea? those have no caffeine in it.

  4. i love tea from Allerine!!!! Wyna is my school friend!!

    1. oh you lucky (anonymous) person! :) she is such a sweetheart!!!

  5. whaaaa???!!! no caffeine during pregnancy?!!!! oooh myyyy daaaays!! my bestie slept so much when she was preggers and said its normal. i was thinking, "haahaahaa. i'm gonna load up on coffee and teeea". hopes dashed now. *siiiiiiigh* nanna naps suck!!

    will be headed to UK soon, but i'm bringing my own tea. pretty sure you've heard of this Aussie company called T2. i luuuuuuurve their green rose (green tea with fruits and roses). am also bringing a box of loose 'creme brulee' and choc chip chai. nomnomnom.

    but seriously. i have a new found respect for expectant mothers. *huuuuggssss* but don't worry k? won't be long before you're off the wagon again and sipping caffeine & eating sushi again. jiiiiaaaaa yooooou!!!

    1. hahahah you're meant to be able to have a leeetle bit! but i guess the super strict mommas cut caffeine off completely! kudos to them! i crave it so much more!!

      i LOVE t2! how pretty are their tea blends!?! :) UK should have their own crazy teas!! im sure you'll have a great time shopping!!

      *hugs back!!* hanging in there!! xx


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