Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a week of tea :: lucipia in jiyugaoka

one of my favorite things in japan is the tea culture. 

the traditional japanese tea ceremony is always charming and a classic. on top of that, i love how everywhere you go, there is a quaint tea shop offering a selection of beautiful flavors and exquisite scents. today, im going to share with you my favorite of the lot - lupicia.

this brand of tea has many stores speckled around town! i love picking up a fancy cuppa tea in between shopping! wished they had a more condusive tea room in their stores nearer to town! kinda like a starbucks for tea!!! 

but this day, we specifically selected her jiyugaoka store for a little tea party...

the first level is a department store full of yummy teas..

their classic packaging.. 
they are usually very generous with their samples! we tried a pineapple tea and a minty iced tea while browsing in the store...

loose tea leaves for free smells...

when you find something you fancy, pick up this tag and the tea ladies will scurry along and get your the right packaging! i selected my usual decaf muscat tea (my summer staple)! :)

tea cups, sets and iced tea thingmagigs...

tea jams and honey

tea gift sets filled with little dried fruit nibbles.. fabulous for souvenirs! 

i did say "tea party", did i? :)
when you head up to their second and third level, its a quaint little restaurant that serves lunch, dinner and dainty tea!!

their iced tea came in a chilled carafe set in an iced bucket! 

my trusty tea lady from ohmyomiyage all classy sipping her iced tea.. :) 

how's that for a fancy treat?



  1. O.M.G....
    I am here sipping my orange ginger tea from Muji and wishing i was there!
    Iced tea in wine glasses! Really now...

    1. you would have LOVED it!! :) the quality of these teas are spectacular! :)

      p.s. im floored by the wine glasses too! im going to start serving iced tea all classy like this too! :)

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    1. thanks for visiting robin! i'll pop over and say hey! :) xx

  3. Am loving seeing your bump grow and your smile looking so glowy! Too bad your bump and my wedding means NO chance of us meeting (finally) at either the Singapore or Bangkok salsa festivals - but all for great reasons!

    1. i know!!! :( :( :( but im sure in the future sometime somehow!!!


  4. Congrats on your pregnancy! U look good!

    1. awww thank you! :) that dress makes me feel pretty!! :)

  5. There was a Lucipia store near us when we were living in Tokyo. I couldn't resist popping in the store once every couple of days just to look at the pretty tea. Hehe

    1. i do that too!! :) they have such a huge selection i get suckered in all the time!!! *sigh* tokyo...


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