Friday, July 27, 2012

a week of tea :: allerines

i was extremely pleased when wyna contacted me and introduced her online tea store - allerines
knowing that i was an avid fan of teas, she generously sent me a sample of her selection of loose-leaf teas in gorgeous sounding blends and flavors.

prettily packaged & she even threw in a cute tea bag holder too!

their signature style pyramid tea sachets & loose tea leaves...
they smelt amazing even when i was snapping this picture.

but tea sampling is no fun alone.. 
so i recruited the ladies over at ohmyomiyage to join in the fun...

thing is... they really step things up to yet another level. 
so we're not affected by the name and description on the label, 
we decided to do an anonymous taste test!

how pretty are the colors!! 

we also chose a bunch of them to make batches of iced tea, which was most appropriate in the crazy muggy tokyo weather. here are some tips from their website on how to make a perfect jug of iced tea.

naturally, we had to have a palate cleanser.
some home-made japanese plum gelato!!

and here are our top favorites!!

"enchanting green" :: the initial whiff was fruity with a little bit of tart but it tasted floral and aromatic. not in a overwhelming way but more of a summer afternoon sip punctuated by a generous fruityness. perfect for a slow chat on the patio, an evening warm drink with a touch of dessert. or as jen says, something you'd like to sip before bedtime so your breath smells good in the middle of the night.

"strawberry shortcake" :: this one was a no-brainer for me. even when i read the label, i KNEW i'd be utterly in love with it. it smelt light and vanilla-y like a fresh dessert. i love the delicate after taste like a strawberry shortcake, light and (somewhat) guilt-free. perfect for a quiet breakfast or post-brunch treat with your girlfriends over some peonies & good conversation.

special mention to bohemian raspberry cos i loved the name!

hop on over to allerines (or their facebook page)if you're keen to give their teas a try! if you reside in singapore (lucky u!), they provide free shipping. and otherwise, they ship internationally too.  drop them an email at for shipping details.

:: allerines has extended a 10 percent discount on all teas (excluding gift sets/accessories/ combos) for you tea-loving ladies. use discount code "LPIS" upon checkout for this discount. ::
(valid till 27 august 2012)

we had enough tea to keep going for the whole afternoon while watching "under the tuscan sun", snacking on cherries and gelatos! thanks for the delightful treats, wyna! 



  1. gaahhh you make me want some nice piping hot tea right now!

  2. think i might actually enjoy 'dancing flowers, strawberry shortcake, vanilla caramel dream and irish chocolate' to be honest!!!!!! wish there was a scratch, sniff and lick feature on p.c's and laptops. this would come in soooooo handy right now!!

    p.s: that plum gelato looks yummy!!!! mmmmMMmmm..... you made? :D

    1. i always wished there was!! especially the food blogs!! :)

      p.s. no.. my genius pal, jen, made it! craziness! it was sooo good!


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