Saturday, June 23, 2012

weddings :: my special little friend

its my best friend's wedding today. 
and im all kinds of nerves because im walking her down the aisle as her maid of honor. 
and because i need to make a speech later this evening.
and just typing this makes me cry. 

but i had found these awesome pictures from back 
back when we were just young girlies...

 twenty first parties...


with our favorite school food in junior college...

the first of all our weddings (carol in red)...

our first staycation but deaf fell ill. so, this was our various reactions when we thought of deaf.
idk what carol thought of! :) 

we celebrated many birthdays in style...

yellow from our engagement!

swanky rides...

as my beautiful maid of honor at our wedding...

vacations with our boys...
(sorry daniel is not in any shots! he's always our photog)

celebrated more weddings (sylvia's) in shanghai style...

and here we are today, all decked out to celebrate one last wedding.
and so if i don't manage to make it through my speech...

i love this girl very very much!! 
and can't wait to celebrate the rest of our lives together.



  1. what cute pictures! i'm so surprised that you have all of your old pics on your computer ready for uploading! Happy wedding to Daphne & best of luck on your speech!!!!

    1. i know!! my dad (and eventually daniel..) keeps really good digital records. considering i don't ever backup or set up any of my computers i was pretty shocked to see them lying around!! :)


  2. AWWWWW!!! Wishing your friend a lifetime of happiness with her new hubby, and you all an everlasting friendship as couples!!! :D

    LOL I could tell which one was you in the photo by looking at the girl with the widest smile :) That were so adorable when you were young! It's so lovely that you all stayed besties!!

    1. i'll pass on the love to them! :) they are one of those fabulous couples you feel good just hanging around them!

      yeah. my smile has been consistently large through the years! :)

  3. I miss you girlies!! I am super sad and happy at the same time today. Saw pics of Deaf on fb she is so gorgeous!

    1. isn't she? such an epic wedding! you should have been there! it would have been complete!! xx miss ya lots!!!

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    1. i wanna bawl like a banshee too!! besties ARE the shiznitz!!

      my girlfriend and i have known each other since we were 14 years old. we have the exact kind of relationship that you have with your girl !!!!

      wanna hear something weird? when i got married, she was preggers!! unfortunately, she was in her 3rd trimester and could not travel. so she missed my big day (walking ME down the isle and being my MOH) which was awful for both of us!!!!!

      *huuuugsssss* congratulations to Zhing's bestie if you're reading this out there!!!!!

    2. i know!!! i was bawling while pulling pictures and writing this. as i was writing my speech! such a loser!!!

      lol! what coincidence on the pregnancy! i was SUPER relieved that i could make it there, tummy and all! wished i could have busted more moves on the dancefloor but daniel would tell you that i was pretty out there! :)

      i wanna show you ALL the wedding pictures and go through it one by one with you! you'll have loved to be there!!!


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