Saturday, June 2, 2012

stay :: vacation rental in honolulu

we tried something different this trip when it came to accommodation. 

we usually pick a nice & luxurious boutique hotel right smack in the middle of town. but last summer, we have pretty much covered all of waikiki, we found a place on airbnb away from the crowds and traffic...

the view we woke up to every morning...

and the ultra lovely jacuzzi tub in the middle of our living room...

i enjoyed many lavender-y sudsy long bubble baths in the late evenings
while sipping on a tall drink...

a living space big enough to hold a party!
there was even a grill and beach coolers that we could borrow!! 

and a wide and fully stocked kitchen so we made little meals
and snacked throughout the day!! 

turned out a fabulous decision because we could have my brother over often (he was a huge fan of our tub and massage chair). the loft was set in a quiet residential neighborhood which makes it less accessible if you didn't drive. but less than 5 mins walk away, we found the cutest farmers market and stocked up on fresh tropical fruits, local brewed coffee and fresh pizza.
i daresay it beat any of our previous hotel stays hands down. 

and there was space to lay out all my outfits and shoes without us tripping over ourselves!
we did our laundry daily and woke up to so much space...
 it was such a treat!!

we're converts!
have you ever tried vacay rentals?
did we luck out or are they usually awesome like this? 



  1. I love this idea and you often get such great apartments and you're really able to live life as a local! Looks like a gorgeous apartment!

    1. it was lovely! :) we got lucky with our research!! we'll definitely look into it next time we travel again!

  2. I have heard nothing but good things about airbnb, but this house is AMAZING. Holy crap, a tub in the middle of the living room? I wanna live there!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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    1. i know right? i totally want that at home (even though my mom thinks it looks right out of a porn movie.. hahah)


  3. I'm a convert for airbnb too! When me and Sit went to San Francisco earlier this year she booked us in a lovely little studio relatively conveniently located and in a decent neighborhood! it was kinda nice come back after a day of sightseeing to a place that had a little more of a homely feel.. =) and we could cook our meals and it had a little window where we could sit and have breakfast!

    There was another little unit that we had absolutely loved from its pictures on the website.. but too bad it wasn't available during the period we were there.. =)

    But definitely would try it out again for a next trip!

    1. wished we knew about it in europe! that would have been a lot nicer and romantic than those dingy little hotels we stayed in as students!

  4. Amazing pictures! I have never tried apartment rentals, perhaps will try in the future. Our trip/wedding in Hawaii felt so short, I want to go back!

    1. hawaii is still awesome as ever! :)

      i've had friends who found really gorgeous apartments in europe too!


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