Friday, June 29, 2012

let's talk about little clothes...

a while ago, i joined a tokyo pregnancy meeting that was a lot of fun to be in the company of ladies coping with the same "how do you say nursing bras in japanese" issues! :) i was especially excited about this topic because frankly, who doesn't love infantwear? 

i must admit i'm always one of those people who immediately hops out and buys the most froufrou dresses and the tiniest of tuxes for new babies. very impractical but its in my DNA!
(apologies to my cousin for years of impractical baby clothes. at least they were lanvin, huh?)

the topic was presented by alix guillot about safe and stylish babywear. she used to design for chloe baby and currently owns a french hand-made babywear collection. i was half expecting a frivolous conversation about cutie little onesies and ultra expensive designer babywear... but actually learnt a lot that made sense. that i never thought of!! 

so here are the top 3 tips when baby-shopping...

1 - babies are happiest between 16 - 20 degrees! so multiple blankies and swaddles in the midst of summer is absolutely craziness!! (i've since decided to chill out on the knitted blankies front!)

2 - don't use a duvet, pillow or quilt for babies under 12 months! their little hands ain't smart enough to remove things if they're suffocating them. from her experience, a baby sleeping sack / swaddling is recommended. also, to prevent them from flipping to their tummies in the middle of a nightmare. 

3 - a bebe lives in their pjs most of the time!! so load up on them! here're some things to consider when jammies-shopping ::

- if they're embroidered, check that the underside is not scratchy
- look for things like velcro, snaps, elastic waistbands
- onesies are more comfy than two-piece (amen to that!)
- avoid embellishments, buttons, bows that can get yanked off and accidentally swallowed.
- a wider neckband is easier to slip over a bub's head.
- choose fabrics that you'd wanna wear yourself. (ie soft breathable cottons)
- hoodies can smother and choke a baby

{images from her adorable baby line, nanana}

there were a tonne more baby tips! so if you'd like a copy of the presentation or her catalog, drop me an email and i'd be glad to share it! :) of course, this info is from the experience of a designer and loving mummy. always read up a little more and make the best decisions for your own baby.

also, if you have any fun baby stores you like, drop me a note! 
when my shopping ban is lifted (i.e when our bub arrives...), 
i plan to go FULL FORCE!
 (daniel, consider yourself warned.)



  1. I'm totally the sort who would run out and buy impractical but gorgeous baby clothes too! haha.
    Great tips hun, i'm saving them for when i have kids of my own.

    1. high five! :)

      you really don't think about it until you have a little bub in hand!! so i was totally in awe when she shared the tips!!

  2. The long onesies are fantastic too (from Bonds), especially the ones with the "turned" mittens on them - that was what we used as PJs and going out outfits when Peanut was little.

    My favourite online store - - not good for me especially when they have the sales on! (just had a peek at your link to nanana - so tempting :))

    1. oooooo i am a huge fans of turned mittens! i'll check out bonds! their underwear for adults are so comfy so im sure their babywear would be too! :)

      thanks for the link!! xx

  3. Lurker here!
    There're tons of shops around... pumpkin patch (aus site) has frequent sales and very cute clothes.
    A tip I was given abt Bonds clothes is that they can sometimes run a bit small so buy a size up.

    (ps: How can I leave my email privately?)

    1. ooooo! :) drop me an email at littleprojectsinstyle at gmail!!!


  4. Hi Zhing,

    As a mother of 2, I will suggest that you do not follow all the tips/advice by well-meaning friends religiously. You will soon learn that every baby is different and special in their own ways. When I had my first baby, I drove myself to depression by trying to "make" my baby do everything that he was "supposed" to do according to experts, books and friends. it was a difficult and stressful first year. When I had my 2nd baby, I decided to simply go with my instincts, "listen" to my baby and worked with him. As it turns out, both my babies were never swaddled as they hated it. Both slept on their tummies (the 2nd one slept on tummy when he was only 6 days old and the first one started sleeping much better on his tummy after I struggled for 2 months trying to get him to sleep on his back). Both of my kids never wore mittens because again they hated it and could somehow wriggle them off. The list goes on. At the end of the day, you will realise that regardless of what everyone says, only you will have the instincts as to what your baby really wants. Read the books and listen to the experts for a general guide but go with your gut. And work with your baby. Best of luck! Cindy xx

    1. thanks so much for your advice! :) sometimes we forget that they are little people with their own unique quirks, huh? :)

      can't wait to learn more about our little bub! and thanks for sharing your thoughts! x

  5. I like and Also and are great for designer wear. They both stock an Italian brand called Monna Lisa that does some pretty dresses. I tend to only buy them when they go on sale though coz they are pricey.

    If you are looking for swaddles, we really like the ones from We noticed that baby K (and lots of other babies) always sleeps with her arms up by her head so this swaddle works really well for her. It's easy to put on and change diaper too with the 2 way zip and baby can still have a bit of arm movement. Of coz the fact that babies just look too cute in the swaddle is a plus too! :p

    1. ooooooo thanks sooo much! :) i'm having a fab time online shopping! :) little K is too cute in a swaddle!! thanks babe!

  6. you can check this link out, they have the cutest handcrafted baby shoes and bibs.
    totally wished i had these when i was a baby!


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