Friday, June 1, 2012

honolulu :: shrimp truck galore

after the wedding, we chilled out a lot more.
and enjoyed a couple days of days in hawaii
to work on our tans and catch up on some brotherly love!

and get me summa these awesome hawaiian shrimp truckin'! 

there were a tonne of yummy ones around
but the boy did his due dilligence and picked macky's sweet shrimp truck!
i got the garlic shrimp meal. the garlicky savory buttery sauce drizzled over the shrimp and rice was to die for. served with fresh side salad and a chunk of pineapple... it was sensational!!

soooo good!!
since then, the husband has made up his own version of "daniel shrimp truck".
which makes me a very happy girlie... 

is everyone as big a garlic fan as we are? 
i seriously think its makes every dish yummier!!



  1. Oh yes, I LOVE garlic. I add it almost everything I cook!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  2. Me a big garlic fan too! Garlic chips and pan-seared beef goes very well and for comfort food, sometimes I whip up garlic fried rice! Hehe...

    1. hmmmmm garlic chips! i used to get free access to that at home with mom! but have been lazy frying them up! :)

    2. You could get them easily at Daiso! They have ready fried garlic chips! ;p

    3. reeeeeally? i definitely need to pop in and check them out today then!!

  3. Oh yes we love our garlic. Garlic prawns are the best way to highlight garlic I think ;)

    1. absolutely! i wonder if its cos of our asian taste buds though! i grew up with garlic in my food every single day!

  4. Possibly - I still remember the bulbs of garlic used in some of my mum and auntie's cooking.

    It wasn't until adulthood that I fully appreciated garlic though.

  5. i was soooooo sick when i went but it was still delicious!


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