Monday, June 25, 2012

home :: of world maps and wallpapers

happy monday!! hope you had a fabulous weekend..
we're booked in a staycation in the raffles and have been chilling by the pool, getting long luxurious massages and revisiting some of our favorite eats.

today's i'd like to share one of my many little obsessions - world maps.
much to daniel's dismay, i keep looking online and in flea markets to expand my vintage globe collection. as you may imagine, they're really not the easiest things to transport when traveling!

but he's a champion packer and i have really convincing puppy dog eyes.
win-win situation...

but i think its a fabulous way to learn geography and a constant remind of how small we are, wherever we live in. it makes us want to explore and live adventure after adventure.

and that's something we hope to share that joy with our little ones.
here are some ideas on how you can incorporate world maps into cute little rooms.

pretty rad room from design elements

as a subtle wallpaper...

or in bolder colors from elle decor.

wanderlust much?
where's your next destination?



  1. omigawd!! this is super creepy can?...... i was just only thinking of you and world maps: there was a felt wall map you posted for a kiddies room aaaaages ago. remember?

    i thought, "hmmmm..... little bubs on the way, wonder if she'll make one and post that tutorial online?"

    suddenly, TADAAAA!!!! world map post!!!!! not quite the tutorial, but i think its craaaazy!!

    p.s: i got a turquoise "tapestry" of a world map for the wall from Urban Outfitter for only $39!!!!!!

    p.p.s: off to Europe in August!! yaaaaay!! enjoy your amazing stay at the Raffles!!

    1. REAHHLLLY!!! that's MADNESS!!!!!! what fabulous timing!! :) i do wanna make the felt wall map but maybe when the bub is older!! i feel like i have my hands tied by other crafts at the mo...

      ooooooo heading over to UO now!

      p.s. have a blast in europe, love!! xx

  2. WOWSERS!!! I especially love the subtle wallpaper! It's something that I think would be REALLY COOL (and really expensive) to have!

    On Thursday the boyfriend and I are flying out to Shanghai, and will land arrive in Tokyo on the 9th July! :D We'll be hanging around until 13th before going to Kyoto which I am mighty excited about since I have never been (to Kyoto).

    Me being last minute and awkward perhaps etc...but I wonder if you (±Daniel±Muu-kun)would be free at all to have lunch/dinner? I have been telling my boyfriend how fabulous your (growing) family is and showing him snuggly pics of muu-kun since I first discovered your blog! I know you might not be free since it's short notice, or just if you'd just rather not, I don't mind either way! Just thought I'd ask since I got the dates sorted!

    1. sorry for the late response!! i had patchy internet on vacay!! :)

      can i email you about travel plans!? :) im at littleprojectsinstyle at gmail. but i don't have yours!!



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