Friday, June 15, 2012

:: five things this friday ::

i had the CRAZIEST week!! i was down with the meanest of all flu bugs...
so i spent a good part of the week down right miserable.

here are some five happy things that kept me going this week!

tried a new kind of pomegranate juice thats supposedly superduper.

new yoga togs...

in our home, jello qualifies as sick food.

daniel got me new toys to play with...

with the largest roller... :)

bedside companions :: massage oil for frequent foot rubs, my reads, my tissue, my humidifier (doubles up as a steamer for stuffy nose) and my current crochet project. 

but im much better now!!

and hitting the jimmy choo sale with my girlfriend.
nothing like some crazy crammy germ-fest to celebrate my triumph over the flu bug.

(im on the lookout for summer flats and some sensible height shoes. 
p.s. i think anything under 4.5" are pretty sensible in height).
wish me luck!!
have a healthy and blessed weekend.


  1. Oh no sorry to hear you have been feeling sicky! :(

    But yay for super duper antioxidant and vitamin-packed pomegranate juice! I think it's called POM here and in USA? I tried it and I found it a bit too ... dry-tasting? LIke it leaves a dry feeling in your mouth after drinking (i.e. not thirst quenching)

    Ooooooooooooooo pretty curly hair :D good luck with the shoe shopping! hope you come back with something to show us!

    1. yes! I've had POM in the states too but first time trying ZAK! :) the taste reminds me of cranberry juice but you're right about the dry tasting-ness! i thought i was the only one! :)


  2. Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:


    1. thanks for visiting, diana!

      i'd be sure to visit your blog too! x

  3. Glad you're feeling better now! I was sick earlier this week too, no fun, boo.

    Love how colourful the roller set :)

  4. what a bummer!!! :( how are you feeling now?

    the roller set is too cute! I totally chose it for her color! :)

  5. Hey babe.. hope you're feeling better. It seems that the fly bug is like all over the week.. I had the flu pretty much the whole of last week.. Horrible feeling.. Hope you're better much. =)

    1. I meant FLU bug.. stupid typo.. =p

    2. Yuck! Hope you're better soon!! I drank so much soup and barley water! Daniel turned into this crazed Asian mom!! ;) hilarious...


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