Tuesday, June 5, 2012

eats :: ono hawaiian foods

our brother first brought us here last year on our honeymoon and we fell in love with how fuss-free and interesting the food was. it reminded me incredibly of food from back home in its style and preparation. japanese cuisine is just so different!! plus, i always found the place to be suitably relaxed and friendly. 

so this time, we made it a point to go back again

their humble menu...

itty bitty serves of hawaiian local food. this one is their lomi salmon.
a refreshing salsa to go with rice.

lots of fresh watercress in our salted meat soup...

i had been craving this for months!!! :) 

the relaxed backdrop where we ate! 
the walls covered with celebrity pictures from back in the days...

oh ono, i can't wait to see you again in december! 



  1. you TOTALLY look like your mom in that pic babe! :)

    1. really!!! :) many people have told me that recently! but i don't see the resemblance! i grew up hearing i look like my dad!!

      i guess its better to look like a lady than a man! lol

    2. Perhaps it's the smile that does it for me! :) It's so similar to your momma's and you're both gorgeous! :))

      I also thought I looked like my dad growing up but perhaps people's faces change as they grow too, and some features become more prominent. I am 27 and have only now somehow developed my mom's dimples and freckles..haha

    3. hi five! i have my mommy's freckles too! :) and i guess i'll add her smile to the list! :)

  2. Ahhh your smile is infectious Zhing! Even seeing photos of it is making me smile! XD

    OOOOOH i love greens! On top of soup? Yes please!

    1. hahah thanks! :) that's my food smile!

      i've always had watercress cooked into soup! but first time i had it fresh on top!! its amazing!! im going to try that next time in our kitchen!


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