Tuesday, June 19, 2012

:: boys in bow ties ::

i have a general weakness for boys in bow ties.
so when little yoshiki visited last weekend and got all dressed up, 
we snuck a few pictures by our window...

the little tux came complete with a mini cummerbund and the classic satin striped pants...

this dashing man is going to break so many girls hearts...

our little one felt a little left out so we strapped on a bowtie 
so he could be part of the fun. 

p.s. now daniel is in the market for a doggie tux! 



  1. AAWWWWW Yoshiki-chan is soooo adorable!! :) I hope Muusaishi didn't feel underdressed in comparison!!

    1. i think it was pretty obvious he was underdressed... 3 piece vs nakkid bums! :) hmm....

  2. omg too cuuuuuuute! all little boys (and musashis) in bow ties are so adorable. and the photos are so precious - mommy must have been super happy to see them!

    1. yes she was!! he's a good looker though! and was completely hamming up to the camera!


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