Thursday, May 31, 2012

weddings :: jen & taro

okie so in a bid to keep this blog not all baby-ness (i'll try!!), we have some pictures from our vacay and fun nuggets to share! and thought to kick things off with the happiest of them all - our dear friends' wedding in hawaii. 

we were thrilled when we self-invited ourselves to this wedding almost a year and half ago.
so we were beyond excited when the day rolled by.

we turned up early so we could sneak peaks at the bride and groom.
i went around ooohing and ahhhing at all the cute details, 
which im sure jen would share on her blog soon!

with her girlies in shades of jewels.

at their sweet and beautiful ceremony on the beach. 

with the bridey but missed out on the groom..

trust me.. he was dashing as ever!!

our table was so beautiful but we cracked up when we saw daniel's place card!
{diy available here}

enjoyed a lovely evening (with amazing food!!!) next to this little man
who got into a sticker war with daniel.
i think the rules were - whoever had goofier stickers on their face won...
*shrug* boys.

then there was dancing and plenty cocktails to go round.
and the loveliest sunset on the beach

it was a wildly fun wedding 
and a fabulous beginning to our vacation!!
don't you love love weddings?
they leave me in such a gooey lovey mess all the time...

{love to the bride and groom again!!}



  1. yay! i need to post up photos too!

  2. u look amazing babe.. love that necklace!!!

    1. awww thanks hon! you're too sweet!

      the necklace is from jcrew! my mom has recently taken over that trend by storm and shopped up a few other colors! im going to steal some from her! heehee!

  3. Replies
    1. indeed! :) every bit the destination dream wedding i dreamt of (but never had the guts to do!)


  4. You look amazing in that dress!!

    1. awww thanks! :) i was a bunch of nerves leading to the wedding cos it was hard to squeeze into that crazy corset!

      (and frankly felt very "bahzhang" half the evening)

  5. Looking good babe! i will prob look like a teletubby if im preggers!

    1. i was earlier in the pregnancy then! i've expanded significantly then!!! :(


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