Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sometime last week....

we had an amazeballs meal with our best friends in tokyo...
and because they feed us so well all the time, 
we thought to return the favor and introduce them to...

singapore chilli crab...

and a whole table FILLED with yummy singapore food we've missed - char kway teow, kay mee, laksa, tahu goreng, otak, satay, dark carrot cake... the full works! it was as good as we can expect from a random restaurant in the middle of tokyo but we were pretty excited about the meal!!

our friends, who are all foodies, seemed to enjoy it too.
hopefully we'd one day get to share the authentic experience all sweaty in singapore! :) 
talk about enjoying their food...

guess who was quiet all evening?

i love daniel when he is enjoying his chilli crab. :) 
i love him on most days anyway!



  1. The chilli crabs look pretty authentic! But the Mantou.. hhaha but u'd get to enjoy some REAL ones when u come back?

    1. daniel is REALLY looking forward to that! :) in fact we might sneak in another singaporean treat before our visit home!! :)

  2. the meal was AWESOME!! Thank you again :) But dang.. it was really hard to keep conversation going when the food was so good! lol daniel looks really serious~

    1. it was, huh? it was funny to see everyone who are usually such elegant diners have splattered shirts and daniel get his palms both dirty! :) lol



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