Thursday, May 10, 2012

some (random) things that made me laugh...

my family is in town visiting and had arrived late last evening while we were both at work. but they let themselves into our apartment as they have been here many times! 

i knew they were ok when i received this from my aunt. 
"hi zhing, we took 12 hours to reach your place. so tired, but saw your musashi,
he light(s) up my life." 

isn't that the funniest & sweetest message EVER?
i was giggling at work...

and my husband reported that he came home to a rambunctious bunch fussing over the pup, 
updating their facebooks, comparing iphone apps and having peanut butter toast picnic in our living room. all the way to tokyo to chill out in my home!! sigh... my folks are special!! :)

p.s. in case you're wondering, it's a gift for muu from london when mum visited earlier this spring.
its a babygap top in size 0 - 3 mth!

so.... its no surprise i turned out this quirky! 
the apple doesn't fall far from the trees.



  1. This is random but since ur living in Japan, thought I'd ask... Honeymoon in dec-Europe or Hokaido(Niseko)?!
    Help!! ;)


    1. depends on what you enjoy on your honeymoon! if you like snowboarding/skiing and hot springs, hokkaido is awesome. walking around quaint towns, culture and musuems.. europe!

      we had a fabulous time in both places and would make great honeymoons! :)

  2. Thanks babe but errr not helping! So hard to decide!! HAHA ;)


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