Friday, May 25, 2012

:: five things ::

happy friday!!

y'know i'm going to run out of fun things to share one day.
 but till then... 
here are some happy things lying around the home this morning...

quite literally... 

been seeing these little love packages around the globe this week...

i love using these cupcake paperclips..
(thanks bev!)

it used to say "amor vincit omnia" but muu's babysitter 
is a scrabble genius!!

packing for the wedding...
im thinking lace gown with black heels sandals for church & 
black gown with lace peep-toes for evening.

can't decide.

p.s. thanks for your well wishes earlier this week. 
we totally felt the love!!



  1. Love the white lace and black sandals...very edgy

    why is there so much volume in muu's fur :)

    1. muu put on weight (unfortunately) and is quite hairy at this point!

  2. Love your shoes


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