Friday, May 11, 2012

crafts:: paper lantern

last weekend, we bumped into a charming little farmers market in midtown park. it was promoting local produce and tourism in gifu prefecture. i was particularly amused by an outdoor library event. they handed out really cute wicker basket filled with a random assortment of (japanese) books and a picnic mat and you'd sprawl on the grassy area of the park reading and nibbling on the freshly made soba and juice. what a fun way to spend the afternoon!

there were also many arts and craftsy stores encouraging passer-bys to join in the fun. there were people making games out of wood chips and fabric ornaments. and this kind man handed me a paper bag filled with brochures and a handmade paper lantern, their specialty.

hello lantern.

and a bunch of hand dyed japanese paper to decorate...

a very basic and simple design...

scattered confetti..

have a wonderful weekend, lovies!
we're talking our parents to a mothers' day brunch
and spending the weekend chilling with them!



  1. i always get a bit nervous about these paper lanterns burning up :)

    1. daniel too! i guess we'll just have to keep and eye on it!

  2. How cute!! Wasn't that outdoor library awesome?? It was so creative and cute - if they had American magazines, I would have been all over that! Hmph I didn't get a free lantern! But then again.. my house is already filled with clutter! :)

    1. it was! :) it would be something fun to add to our summer barbecue! we could throw around a few magazines and browse and chill out! :)


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