Thursday, April 5, 2012

recipe :: delish sauce for dumplings

earlier this week, we got stormed in and work was cancelled for the evening! it was cold and miserable out so for dinner, i dug into our stash of dumplings.

i've never boiled dumplings so i got some tips from the chef.
 in northern china, dumplings are eaten boiled, so different from the fried gyoza we're used to! but never fight with the chef. the instructions were very intuitive and simple!

1. bring water to boil.
2. toss frozen/fresh dumpling when the water is bubbling
3. when they start to float, add cold water 
(this helps cook through the dumpling and prevents the skin from breaking!) 
4. when it floats again, scoop it out with a slotted spoon.
5. drain and serve with soy or chilli or vinegar.

inspired by bunja's mom, i whipped up a fancier sauce.

wondered if its too controversial to have chinese dumpling dipped in korean sauce... 
but it was sooooooo good.

oh yums!!
 perfect treat for a rainy day in. 

do check out the other ideas for this awesome dippy sauce! 
it goes with everything... like magic!! 



  1. omg, i miss the jiao zi / guo tie in china, with vinegar and spicy chilli flakes. and i love the pan fried gyozas!!! super yums!!

    1. wish you were round the corner from me! then i'd totally share it with you! :)

      she must have sent us 50 frozen ones!!! it must be easy to make tho! can you get hold of some in usa?

    2. can get gyozas from the japanese restaurants but i want AUTHENTICITY!!!

    3. definitely! nothing like momma made dumplings! :)


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