Tuesday, April 3, 2012

our dog:: souvenirs from around the world

remember what a great gifter musashi is? i claim no credit cos its all his papi's genes. 

daniel spoils us with fantastic gifts when he travels. even if its an overnight flight to the most random mining town in europe, he comes home gift-a-bearing...
mind you, not just duty-free spoils and alcohol but extremely elaborate and thoughtful pressies!!

here's what he brought home for musashi from australia last week!

chewsticks with extra glucosamine for muu's patella problems
and they're "tasty kangaroo" flavor, a nod to his heritage!
how cute!!!

 we tossed out the cute box but from the last business trip, muu got german sausages for doggies!
just like grown ups! and he loves them!!

its obvious why daniel is the favorite parent, 
isn't it? 



  1. haha.. the sausages look like dried dates!

    1. hahaha you're too kind! when i first saw it i exclaimed "they look like poop!" hahaha!


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