Wednesday, April 4, 2012


i thought long and hard before writing this post. mostly because i feel funny posting gifts..
but i was having a whinge-y, crampy and blue blueeee cold winter weeks.
one of those down in the dumps, curl up in bed ones...

but each time i got one of these from the postman, 
it made me smile. a lot.
so i thought i'd share...

a little bundle of rainbow (literally) from the best friend!! :) 

home-baked goodness from tricia

from dear sue-ann who knew i was very homesick...

and a cutie parcel filled with artsy goodies from thebokeeffect ..
just because...

and our family from nagoya who filled our fridge with frozen dumplings to last a lifetime.

and mummy who sent me a SALTED EGG!!!!

and of course a lovely husband who came home and showered us with a tonne of love and kisses
and made everything better...

still makes me tear up seeing all these little reminders of love in the house.
thank you very very much..
i'll definitely pass on the love. 



  1. Beautiful and sentimental gifts. You have great friends there. :)

    1. i do! im sooo blessed to be in their company! :)

  2. I'm glad it reached and you like it :)
    When you texted me the other day feeling blue, I was like dammit! Cos I'd just sent it a day before so wished I'd sent it earlier! xoxox

    1. oh no worries i was blue all week!! :) and that definitely helped!!

      thanks so much babe!!!! xxx

  3. Haha... glad the crumbs helped make u happy.. although i would very much have liked them to arrive in whole pieces :)

    1. hahahaha!!! they were delish!! the whole pieces and the crumbs! i must admit i didn't quite share with muu!

  4. Hi Zhing, do you know that you can get salted eggs from the asian stores at Chinatown in Yokohama? Have you been there? Can get quite a lot of stuff that you should be familiar with. Shibuya has a direct train to Motomachi-Chukagai in Yokohama in 45 minutes. I used to live there :)

    1. did not know that! i've been there but haven't found salted eggs! i'll go check it out! thanks for the tip!!! xx

  5. Sometimes it's the littlest things that our dear ones do that will lift up our spirits. Hope you are feeling better! Sending you hugs :)

    1. thanks hon! :) yes it really is the small things that matter sometimes!!

      i hope that in time to come i get to return the favor to my friends in the same way!


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