Monday, April 30, 2012

food :: chicken lettuce wrap recipe

something about being away from home for too long skews one's perception of food. 

i'm always game for a hearty, saucey and spicy asian meal. but something my brothers and i all agree is, despite not being actually true blue authentic asian food, ever so often, we crave "kwai lou" asian food (westernized asian food). this includes food you find in take-out restaurants, lo-mien, general tsao chicken, singaporean noodles (?!), laksa with egg noodles, mongolian beef...

one of my favorite "kwai lou" food ...

chicken lettuce wraps! 

you'd find them in supermarkets, any common chinese resto, at "asian-themed" parties and even TGIFs! but i've never had a lettuce wrap back home! so i found that amusing! :) 
but man does it hit a spot!

making it is as easy as fried rice. pretty much anything you can find in your fridge! :)

 here's the how-to:: 

 :: ingredients :: 
boneless chicken breast (diced & marinated in sesame oil, s & p)
chopped onions
chopped garlic
water chestnuts ( i couldn't find them!)
any greens/garnish you can find in the fridge
a head of lettuce

:: stirfry sauce ::
 (2) tablespoons soy sauce
(2) tablespoons brown sugar
(1/2) teaspoon of rice wine vinegar (i used apple cider vinegar)
oyster sauce (optional)
generous amount of sesame seed

1 - bring oil to high heat in the fry pan.
2 - start with garlic and onions. don't burn!
3 - brown the chicken.
4 - add the veggies and stirfry sauce.
5 - saute for a few mins and serve on lettuce.

the p.f. chang recipe that i adapted from suggests a "special" sauce for dipping but i found mine to be quite tasty and saucy without. *ahem* but see what works for you best!! 

hope you enjoy this simple and (relatively) healthy meal!


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  1. oh i love lettuce wraps and you make this look so simple! i'm going to try it. ^_^


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