Saturday, April 7, 2012

favorite fruit :: strawberries

nothing beats a strawberry! and we're in luck this year! the summer berries are popping up extra early in the grocery stores so i've been snacking on them all week long!!

i have them with my cereal, condensed milk, frozen as a candy, in a jello...

on breakfast crepes with a touch of maple syrup! 

we're gonna pick up a new punnet this weekend for an early hanami party!
hope you have a fabulous weekend too!




  1. I would love to go to hanami, but there are no sakura where I live!

    1. Such a shame! But a gf n I was craving spring so much we had a mock indoor hanami under craft pink flowers! It was a lot of fun!! ;)

  2. that's my fave fruit! love love love its natural fragrance!

    okay, i sound a lil creepy, but try picturing me inhaling deeply at each box of fresh strawberries :P

    i love them with sugar and Hershey's choc sauce :D

    really hate that they are exorbitantly priced in SG :(

    1. Lol I smell my fruit too!! In fact, our helper in Cambodia used to pu the head of an over-ripe pineapple in our house.. Couldn't figure out why until we started smelling the sweetest scent ever! Beat glade anyday!!

      I had it with choc and whipped cream. Soooo glorious! Me and Daniel had bowls of it!!


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