Friday, April 13, 2012

everyday we're snuggling...

early spring afternoons are the best time to pack in a little nap 
and some time with my snuggle monster.

his fluff bums is so adorbs...

i love fuzzy but this is a new low. he is skidding around our hardwood floors like he's on skates! its kinda funny to watch but prolly not the best thing!

im always very grateful we have this little pocket of time
 due to my late start at work..

"are you coming or what, ma?"

we can't wait for the weekend shenanigans to begin.
ours is going to look a lot like this except...
 with yet another snugglier cuddle monster, muu's papi! 

hope you're having a lazy (and lucky) friday the thirteenth!



  1. feel like taking a chomp on his fluffy bum!
    hahhaa no, im not a dog eater.

    1. me too!! i do that always!! :) its like a baby bum!


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