Wednesday, March 14, 2012

shopping in costco japan - yoyomarket

i look forward to our costco visits each time because they remind me sooo much of "not-japan"! i know it sounds terrible when i say it like that! i appreciate japan for the many things that it is. but man! i've missed shopping in proper supermarkets in english with familiar brand and products!

we usually piggy-back on jen's shopping trips. but our visits are few and far between because it requires quite a bit of driving, time and car rental. so imagine my excitement when i found yoyomarket.

i love martinelli's pure apple juice. 
the glass bottles are super cute!

i made my first purchase a few months ago and was impressed! jason maitland, ceo of yoyomarket, was super sweet and prompt. so i thought i'd push my luck this time and ask for specific items in store... crunchy green grapes.

guess what!? he found them and had my entire purchase at my doorstep within 24 hours!
is that crazy or what!? 

the husband is over the moon with his carton of coke and lay's classic potato chips in extra large bags. it sounds really silly to be excited about simple things like this but in japan, you buy coca cola by the can!! so having a whole carton at home is such a treat!!

our little one got his treat of baby carrots!!
we're happy campers!!

online shopping... whooo! :)



  1. Very good customer service! It is good to find a great online shopping website. Everything is at your fingertips!

    1. indeed!! i'd be keen to keep shopping with them!! :)

  2. I appreciate what you're saying completely! My brother craves for things in Shanghai that are easily pick-up able at the international shops (at a super marked up price) but at least he has easy access to those since Shanghai has a huge expat market, and a lot of very rich Shanghainese people who want to shop there to look cool and sophisticated. XD

    I am guessing in Japan that it's a bit different since Expats are not as common as in Shanghai?

    1. there is a huge expat community with super marked up grocery too. but in tokyo style, most things come in small packages. grapes come in mini punnets and cherry tomatoes come 5 in a box!!! imagine how many boxes i have to buy if i wanted to make a pasta salad! :)

      the only time people have space for storage is when they live in the suburbs! hence, costco sets up their shops there!!

    2. I see! That makes sense now! It makes sense for them to do that, as I doubt city-dwellers have storage space for a years supply of loo roll! Hahaha.... xD

    3. totally! but thanks to my weak resistance, we have a tonne of loo roll, apple juice, beer in our entrance way! *sigh* the only other place to store it is in the bathtub! lol


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