Friday, March 16, 2012

crafts:: sew happy.... not.

today i have not so fabulous news to share...

{gifted by thebokeeffect}

my sewing machine met with an unfortunately thread and bobbin case accident, which lead to an early death. im still mourning her sudden death as i had projects lined up for spring
so im a little bummed. 

a new machine is not too pricey but we were thinking to invest in a better machine preferably in english so i can understand the functions and also take care of it better.
so i guess i'd have to be patient and wait it out...

the worst thing is, when i'm not able/allowed to do something, i kinda wanna do it even more!
like my md advised to cut down on certain dairy products (to aid my arthritis), i've never been a huge fan of dairy but after he mentioned that, all i wanna do is eat cheese and guzzle milk all day!

*roll eyes*

do you get that a lot?



  1. the forbidden fruit is always sweeter

    1. always!! and always playing on my mind! "gotta sew gotta sew! :) haha!

  2. Still the old baby works better than new machine. But good luck with the new baby anyway! :p

    Er, I don't take dairy products because I would have lactose intolerance when ever I take milk. Sigh!

  3. yes! forbidden cravings always appear when i'm pregnant.

    hope you find a new machine that makes you sew happy soon!

    1. hahahaha! poor thing!! soon enough you can eat anything you want!! :)

      thanks.. i hope we'll find it soon! im itching to make a quilt!

  4. :( Sorry to hear about your sewing machine mishap. I completely get what you're saying! Things you should't/can't have are always infinitely more attractive!

    1. im the same way with color contact lens. im not allowed to wear them but oh soooo attractive!


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