Wednesday, February 22, 2012

thoughts :: dinner parties & plus ones

just the other day, the husband made an acute and funny observation. as our friends start to find loves in their lives, our parties changed from just our friends to become them + partners.

{pictures from oh happy day}

and instead of eating out, we start inviting people over to our homes, serve up some fancy drinks, light the candles and having grown-up dinner parties!! like when did that happen, huh? 

we still catch up over girlie lunches, manicures and meet "just the girls" squished into a sushi joint but when did that become the exception? it used to be the norm! 

but finding new friends when you're older just became more complex that way! its not good enough if you click with a person individually. your partner has to get along with their partner and the whole group has to bond in a nice way! and the friends we fit well with, we find ourselves seeing them a lot more and having a lot more to discuss.

you start thinking of each other when you see things in stores, you take turns to fight over the cheque, you choose cuisines you know they'd appreciate, you think about how the evening went after it ends and you wanna hang out but don't want to overwhelm them too much. (ie calling them on the phone all the time... not cool) 

you're right!! its almost like dating all over again!!

i thought that after finding the love of my life, i wont have to deal with the nerves and uncertainty of courtship again! but here we are again! just for the records, im eternally grateful that my girlies are married to lovely men who hang out (and go for massages!) when we're out shopping.

so darlings, i'd love to hear what you think!!
do you click well with your friends partners? 
does this happen to you too?



  1. Yes, it's definitely been a trend (as is making events child-friendly). It doesn't bother me, though, because -usually- the extras fit right in. The more the merrier!

  2. @jacobithegreat

    haven't thought of the child friendly bit! i guess that might be coming soon!! :)

    but you're right! the more the merrier!!! :)

  3. i've never thought about it, but this is so true! i always worry if my hubby is going to get along with not only my friends (which is already nerve wracking), but also their partners too!! and although i'm so close with my girl friends, we sometimes have very different taste in guys! and then there's the matter of whether you think that person is a right fit for your friend.. that gets into a whole 'nother issue! sometimes i feel like being in a couple is almost like being in an exclusive club. it makes you more accepted by others (esp girls who otherwise would be more catty), you're invited to more outings, and there's this topic of marriage that you can always bond over!

  4. @ohmyomiyage

    i worry about that too! i've had a few friends and our husbands totally don't fit together. now, i only see them on week days or lunches. kinda sad!! :)

    on a similar note.. glad we road trip!! :)


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