Friday, February 17, 2012

our date to sato

on the weekend, the husband had this top secret plan to take me out to dinner as part of our valentines day celebrations... but since we pretty much dine out most of the time, i was curious what this place was!

it involved quite a trek out into the suburbs! about a half hour bike ride from home and in the freezing cold, i was such a pain in the behind. i kept whinging and suggesting to have macdonalds instead! 

but it was totally worth the extra effort!! 

the restaurant was a chain family restaurant called sato. the "dennys" of japanese food and only found in more residential areas... we first had it when we visited the family in nagoya and i've fallen in love with now!! despite everyone's fervent protests, i want to eat there every time we visit!!!

this restaurant reminds me of family and home and all that lovely cosy mush that comes with it. and i always order the same meal i had the first visit - the unagi set!

but you eat it in THREE ways!
as a rice bowl on its down, with yummy condients and pickled eggplant and last, with a light broth and wasabi in ochazuke style!! i lovvvveeeeeeeeee playing with my food!!!

this was me all night!! :) i was sooooooo over the moon. 
the company was vastly different from the stylish punksters we see in town. they are mostly older folks, less dressy or young families with babies in tow. it was funny to see such a huge demographic difference even tho we were not that far away from shinjuku!

i wore my chrissy present from beverly..
 (thanks babe!! love it!) 

for dessert, silken tofu with matcha and red beans. 
with this amazing soft mochi skin on top!
but in all i had such a good time!! 

oh! need i mention i went all ga-ga over the supermarkets in the burbs, parking spaces and how huge the stores and houses were! daniel was very amused cos i sounded really deprived even though we live right smack in the middle of a concrete jungle. 

ain't that the problem, mister?! :)
p.s. best date ever!



  1. Wow the the "dennys" of japanese food looks like it has some really great food.

  2. @rolala

    totally! i am a huge fan even though it's a little ghetto by urbanites standards!

  3. Even Dennys in Japan is classier ;p

  4. @Ms.Godzilla

    cant agree with you more! :) the man next to us kept staring at daniel. i guess they don't get many gaijins in that area! :)

  5. I feel hungry already just looking at that Unagi pic! Looked like a wonderful date! ;)

  6. The food looks uber yum! And you do look ridiculously happy! I am sure I would be too! :)

    Suppperrrr sweet of Daniel to find this place and drag you there (even if you were somewhat grumpy on the way there! You sound just like me!)

    I'm curious about Denny's now. I dont know what it is but I assume it's an american family diner?

  7. i love japanese meals. they're such a spread but so healthy! and all those little side dishes!!! perfect bite sizes!!!

  8. @Jian

    yeah denny's is america but its kinda cheapy and not super classy place! more for suburban families!!

    p.s. im always such a grumpy when hungry or tired! or both! :)

  9. @Lady J

    prolly not the best place for unagi but im soooo addicted! :)

  10. @punkychewster

    me too! i love the mix and matchy meals!

    you can get justin to make japanese at home! im sure he can!!!


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