Tuesday, February 28, 2012

glossybox japan :: my feb box is here!!

i was sooo thrilled to receive my box this month! i daresay this is one of the best days of my month! :) i've been waiting for days and right on time, the lovely postman dropped it at my door step!! this box is more awesome than the last!!

all the goodies glammed up and pretty!

institut esthederm white system day and night creams in travel size

miss pucci perfume.. 
i spritz a little on muu pet bed and he smells lovely now! :)

terracuore cleansing milk

sparkley nail polish! it's my favorite!
its such a pretty shade...

the most awesome part - shiseido white lucent set. 

its bigger than travel size... let's call it a mini size...  but the packaging is so luxurious! it came in a cute little pouch with a tonne of details of each product. im going to travel with it this summer to LA and hawaii!

if you're keen to sign up for glossybox japan but don't read japanese like me, here is a useful how-to guide in english by jen.

wonder what's in store next month!! 



  1. really love your stylish blog!this post is amazing - I truly love Shiseido products and make up!
    following now sweetie. would love if you followed back!



    1. Yayy I'm glad! Thanks for visiting! Will definitely pop by yours in a bit!! Xx

  2. Cool! It doesn't ship outside of Japan right?

  3. awww i'm so jealous! that shiseido set and the nail polish look so fun to play with! i can't wait for my box to come next month. your photos make everything look so luxurious :)

    1. yayyyy than we can oooh and ahhh over the contents together! :)

      its all daniel!! i merely conceptualized the backdrop!


  4. let me know if the shishedo products work! i need to start thinking about my dark eye circles and freckles too...


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