Monday, February 13, 2012

entertaining 101:: some party tricks

did you guys enjoy a lovely weekend? we were raring for another ski adventure but as fate would have it, someone had to attend some work training so, we chose work over fun. what's that about, right?

i have more fun pictures from the cocktails and canape party to share (part one here) but i thought i'd also pair it with some fun party tricks that never fails to wow your guests. 

1. encourage a kid-in-a-candy-store mentality

create a clean and chic buffet table that draws attention to the food! jen pays special attention to the small things like food tags and condiment while not overwhelming the table. aren't the colors awesome?

2. get creative with your space

our friends cleared up their home, storing everyday paraphernalia away to make space for the 15 guests. they also opened up their bedroom and turned their bed into a cosy lounge. to add additional dining space, they turned their mirror into a gorgeous tray and highlighted the space with candles and fresh flowers. by far my favorite corner of the home that evening (other than the kitchen)!!

3. bring flair to home-made food

on top of having wicked culinary skills, presentation is the key. to reduce utensils and washing, jen thoughtfully planned the menu such that everything is bite-size or served on a chic disposables. even the soup was served in a shot glass, no need for spoons!! this way, there was minimal mess and guests could hold on to their wine glass all night and be merry. if you're not serving canapes, you can consider using paper trays, cupcake liners and chic wooden utensils. 

4. thoughtful touches to make your guests comfortable

jen is queen of thoughtful gestures. she made these personalized bottles of water for guests on their way home. and her bathroom was filled with travel-sized amenities, like lip moisturizing cotton buds, make up remover, mouthwash and extra tissues just in case! 

wow! right? :)

you'd think this would stop us from drinking from each other's glasses...
5. jazz things up a little 

a touch of fresh blooms, a ceiling filled with fairy-lights, candles all around... your favorite party soundtrack. do what works for you to set the party mood! and most of all, have a fabulous time yourself!!! 
a happy camper with his lamb pops!



  1. that's amazing! love the mirror/tray idea. your friend has such awesome ideas! i would love to host/attend a party like this.

  2. Love the little touches and the attention to details for the party. Great tips to pick up since we are going to be hosting a farewell party pretty soon.

  3. Wow... she really go to great lengths when it comes to parties... the food always look SO amazing!

  4. love this...attention to detail is so important for a beautiful event. You've done a fabulous job x

  5. Wowwww ok my mind was already blown when I saw your previous post on the food that was served there.

    Your friend really pays attention to the smallest details!! Is she a professional events planner by any chance?

    You guys must have really had a good time - I mean the hosts want you to have a good time so much that they go to such lengths :) I bet everyone had so much fun!

  6. @Janice

    you totally can do it! maki would be a great party host! :)


  7. @Lady J

    ooooooo that would be such a bittersweet celebration!! glad you found the tips useful! :)

  8. @kennytricia

    amazing huh? she really does make effort!!

    p.s. you stopped turning up in my google reader. i wonder why! Im going to fix it this morning!!

  9. @Jian

    she is not but she should be huh? :) she is truly the hostess with the mostest!!


  10. love it!

  11. haha... happy v day love, probably cos i haven't posted anything till today?

  12. @kennytricia

    hahah i get it again! :) hahah you are right!!!


  13. Such fantastic ideas and everything looks fab!!


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