Friday, February 10, 2012

cocktails & canape party :: the food

daniel and i are extremely blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends with out of this world talents. they inspire us to recreate their awesomeness in our daily life! our little attempts in our humble kitchen are no match but baby steps are still considered improvement in the right direction, i reckon! :)

last week, we were invited to a cocktail and canape party by jen from ohmyomiyage.
and boy were we in for a treat!!

 salmon tartar topped with radish

sausage, artichoke and basil skewers were to die for.. 
i might or might not have had 3 of these....

i still can't get over the exquisite presentation of the roast beef sandwich

 chipotle chicken cups

grilled cheese and tomato bisque

english trifle shots (inspired by lawry's trifle cake..) 

fruit tartlets were soooo beautiful i couldn't bear to eat them!!

there were a tonne more amazing treats that i can't fit in one post. on hindsight, i have no clue how i fit them into my tummy!! we were literally hanging out in the kitchen on the pretext of helping out but actually that's where you get best access to piping hot food!
isn't it such a treat to the eyes and tummy? 

i can't wait to recreate some of these recipes & presentation at home! 
thanks for inviting us, jen!



  1. Omg! Everything looks so good! I wanna have friends like that too!!

  2. Oh man...sooo yummy!!

  3. Great pics! especially the fruit tartlets! it looks too pretty to eat!!!

    Btw, the pink on my hair is wearing off already :( I only washed my hair twice since I dyed it.
    Colours like this wouldnt last long. Hope that helps!

    accidental encounters

  4. i just found your blog, i really like it and toyr style love

  5. @Pamz TT

    how fun right!? every party is styled like a wedding!! xx

  6. you're very welcome!! you give me too much credit - i couldn't do it without you and daniel who inspire me too!

  7. Fruit tarlets are amazing! Do you happen to have a recipe?

  8. @OksanaB

    i'll drop you an email when i get the recipe from my friend!


  9. can the food get any prettier than this?? oh my! *swallows saliva*


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