Thursday, February 2, 2012

bunny spotting...

i love receiving random emails from the husband in the middle of the day. because i know he is not the love-note leaving, thought-of-you-when-i-read-this kinda guy. i on the other hand am queen of all that. so when he does, i know he puts in effort to meet me in between.

last week, i received an email starting with
"OMG! look what pregnant jennifer garner is using..."

gotta love this guy! :) 

p.s. loving this iphone case. 
perfect weapon on crowded subways to fend off sweaty salarymen with zero personal space.

p.p.s. you darlings are gems! i came home last night to a beaming husband because "i got comments today...". and off he went responding to comments all night and planning his next guest post. lol. thanks for making our day! :)



  1. That's sweet of him to think of you. That bunny case is way adorable!

  2. Ahahaha he is so sweet! :3

    I always love those cases but I am the kind of person who carries phones in my pocket which puts big cute caes out of the question, and sillicone ones because they get stuck!

  3. omg, you guys are adorbs!!! i love how JG is using that funny little case.

  4. @rolala

    haha! we had one of those venus and mars kinda situation in the past but im glad he got the memo that - thinking of z = drop her an email! :)

    p.s. still loving that bunny case after so long!

  5. @Jian

    totally! i wear it with my serious work suits and the bunny ears stick out! totally undermining my "authority" :)


  6. Aww, what a cute email! I sometimes wish I had an iphone just for the cute cases. XD

    I'm glad he had fun reading all his personalized comments. His posts are always welcome. :D

  7. Aww, that's so cute! Haha!

    I'm still deciding between the GX1 and NEX5. Think I'll go check out the EP3 too. Thanks for the review.

    P.S. It's such a great idea to get him to guest post since we all read so much about him. Maybe I'll try to get my fiancé to do that one day :D

  8. @Mag

    yayyy he'd be glad to hear! he'd been such a big part of the blog i thought to give him a little "air-time" :)


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