Saturday, January 28, 2012

vacation plans :: check!

in japan, we don't get very many vacation days.. so planning long trips are difficult. the only exception is during golden week! as you may expect, every one and their okasan travels during this week so the travel prices are near to impossible!! 

but this year, we're attending a wedding in hawaii!
we also had plans to spend our second honeymoon in kona..

... but in a bid to save money, we're flying through LA!
and spending a few days there after the wedding!!

the husband is blissfully unaware that the "saving money" part is bound for failure once i hit the stores. but i've been awfully deprived in japan!! :)

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im super excited! 
if you guys have any travel tips, must-eats and must-dos, 
please share them with me!! 

have a fabulous weekend, darlings!



  1. see you at jen's wedding babe! and she'll have plenty of tips for you re: LA! had the best time when i stayed with her in 2010!

  2. Oh LA and Hawaii - please can we come along too? Sounds wonderful! xxx

  3. Sounds exciting.. have a fab vacation :) I loved Hawaii.. just lazing by the beach.. total bliss!

  4. oh my, Hollywood lovin' baby!

    my fave spot was Griffith Observatory ;)

    looking forward to the lovely photos! :D

    *brimmed with envy... wanderlust!*

  5. Oh, you should email me!

    But shortlist: Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade for chain shopping, Melrose Ave for quirky/vintage shopping, Griffith Observatory and Runyon Canyon for views/hiking, Getty Museum (free!), Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive if D is feeling generous, and Venice Beach for crazy people watching. Oh, and food of course. Mexican!

  6. Ooooh! LOS ANGELES!! My home!!! XD How many days will you be staying here exactly? You MUST have In-n-out for one of your meals though. Cheap, but great burgers!

    Also, if one of the days you're here in LA is on the 2nd thursday of the month, there's a food truck event called "Art Walk" in downtown LA! It's a great place to experience "LA Culture".

    If you wanna do the touristy thing, go to Hollywood Blvd. for the walk of fame and the Manns Chinese Theater! There's also a shopping place there too.

    You must also go to the beach! Santa Monica has a nice pier and a nice shopping area called the Third Street Promenade. I like Huntington too! It reminds me of a surf town since there's a whole bunch of surf shops. And on weekends, they have a little fair in the parking lot near the beach filled with food and vendors.

    There's also Disneyland! But not sure if you two are much into amusement parks.

    That's all I got for now, but if you want more suggestions~ you can always email me!

  7. haha... sneaky you...

    the saving $$$ plan is go going out the window when u reach there :)

  8. @E. Kay she sent a bazillion awesome tips! ;) yayyyy can't wait for summer! It's going to be epic!

  9. @Mrs. Exeter you betcha I'd be sharing pictures after so it's like having u on vacay with us!! Xx

  10. @Yi-Ling awesome!! And NYC later in the year!! Eggggcited! And still jealous you live there!! ;)

  11. @kennytricia what do you do in la for that many days right?! Gotta take a break and shop!! ;)


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