Sunday, January 29, 2012

taking macro shots on iphone...

im so addicted to my phone i hardly use my dslr anymore! but i wished it took better shots!! i love zooming in on design details on products and would always bark over daniel's shoulder when he is taking pictures "i was thinking more macro..."  

so i've been looking at this set of magnetic lens. the only thing holding me back is im not sure i'd be bothered to carry an extra pouch holding my lenses and snapping it on!

then daniel found this brilliant idea..

a thick rubber band with a lens fixed into it.
you can even wear it as a bracelet! :)

how fun!! 



  1. Wow! I never knew these exist. I'm a macro person too.. this would be so cool to have. :)

  2. wow! have to agree this is very cool! I love my phone too...i rarely use any cameras! hahahaha

  3. @Lady J

    and so convenient you'd never forget to bring it with you! :) i loveeee!!

  4. @Jian

    you take such great make up shot though! wow! i always thought you had a professional camera set up! :)

  5. Out of curiousity, where can one get this? Tokyo Hands? Better make a note so I can get myself one of these the next trip to Tokyo.

  6. wow... cool, and don't seem too much of a trouble to lug around..

  7. @Lady J haven't seen it in tokyu hands! I should check! But am ordering it online! ;)

  8. I have both... berry for work and iphone for personal use...

  9. @kennytricia

    hahah! :) busy lady! i can imagine you juggling both in your dainty purse! :)


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