Thursday, January 26, 2012

somewhere out there...

last weekend, sometime between his 51st and 53rd snowball, the mister lost his wedding ring. we realized it when we were in the car but the odds of finding his ring in a whole mountain of snow (quite literally) was pretty low so we didn't turn back. plus i didn't think it was worth the fuss.

my cross coach from junior college lost his ring once. he made the whole football team comb the field in search for his ring at sunset. after a long time, they gave up. he looked so crestfallen as he said to me "im going to be sleeping on the couch for the rest of my life." i laughed. but i think he was pretty serious then.

the poor mister was pretty bummed and kept touching his empty finger. so, i loaned him my wave ring till we go ring shopping this weekend. knowing him, we're prolly getting the exact same ring in a smaller size...but that said, i'd be crushed if i lost my engagement ring!!

have you ever lost a precious piece of jewellery? would you get mad if your partner lost his ring? 
i would love to hear what you thought..



  1. I once lost a bracelet given to me by my love on my birthday. I lost it on the beach on Vancouver Island, must have slipped off. We searched and searched for it but nothing. He wasn't upset but I was heartbroken funny how attached we get to such objects!

  2. My husband lost his wedding ring while playing golf a month after we got married. He looked everywhere but could not find it. He was quite bummed about it because he is usually quite careful with his belongings so I didn't give him a hard time about it.

    We got an exact replacement soon enough. When the sales staff asked what he would like to engrave on the inside of the ring, he joked about engraving his telephone number so people could return it if he lost it again -_-

    I think I would be heartbroken if I lost my engagement ring too!!!

  3. Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that. =[ But I'm sure this has brought the both of you even closer together...and I think it will be fun picking out new rings together, bringing forth new memories that await.

  4. oh no, i'll be super upset if any of us lost our ring... and forgetful me always get near scares :)

  5. i got a ring from best friends on my 17th birthday and lost it couple weeks after :(
    I feel so bad because i knew they saved up so hard to bought it..

    i hope he'll be okay after you get the new one.. :)

  6. To be honest, I probably wouldn't be too upset if M lost his wedding ring. I would if I lost my engagement ring though coz I know how much effort and time he spent looking for the perfect diamond and then designing and getting the ring made.

  7. I would be quite mad and heartbroken i think. Can't imagine being so calm like you. I should learn. =)

  8. Boucheron "quatre" rings are more expensive than regular platinum bands, so i'd be pissed!! we're also Catholic which means we'll have to "re-bless" his ring as a symbol of love and fidelity (otherwise, i'm free to be a cheating wife )!! wooohooo!! :P

  9. i was really in awe of how cool you guys were about it!! but after throwing all of those snowballs at us, i'm not sure if you had enough energy to go back and look for it :P

  10. We had a similar scare recently. The Man hid his wedding band in his wallet for fear that it would fall out while boarding. When we went back to the hotel room, he searched his wallet and snowboarding jacket but it was not there. We retraced steps but was almost certain that's it's gone and hidden in the snow. Thankfully he decided to turn out his pockets again and there it was! Tucked in a tight little corner. Have u tried looking at the pockets? Perhaps it's there?

  11. If I lost my engagement ring, I would be CRUSHED. I don't think it'd be a big deal if he lost his band; we'd just get a new one.

    My dad lost his wedding band once playing football in the backyard, and he looked for hours. Finally he called up a friend who has a metal detector, and they eventually found it. My mom never had a clue, haha.

  12. @olimomok

    i think that's a brilliant idea! :) that or email address! hehee!!

    hope it doesn't happen too often! :)

  13. @kennytricia

    hahha! :) me too! but i got gifted a jewellery stand and now i try to always put it there when im at home!!

  14. Kenny had a near miss once... he usually puts his ring inside his pocket when he's wearing his uniform, so when he got home and emptied his pocket he couldn't find his ring and was panicking.. told him to retrace his steps and he eventually found it underneath the car seat..

    My dad lost his ring once.. it got washed out to sea at Malacca.. cos it was too loose... then my parents just went and got a new pair! =) this time they got a size smaller for my dad! =)

  15. Aww you are absolutely lovely! I'm not sure how I would react if that had happened to me. I'd probably go beserk.

    It will be fun picking out a new ring though I'm sure? ^^

    I often lose jewellery, but the most precious and important ones I haven't yet *cross fingers*

  16. I lost a diamond ring gifted by my grandma but she was cool about it. She said you now have a husband to buy you diamond rings. But I felt so bad :( I would have been super bummed if I lost my engagement ring. I never wear my rings to beaches or snowboarding hols. Rings usually fall out when u pull off your gloves.
    My dad lost his wedding band and my mum added precious stones to her old ring (paid for by dad!) and they got a new set of rings after that.

  17. aww, I get very attached to things so I'll be really sad if I were to lose the engagement or wedding ring. perhaps the wedding ring more cos we got it customised.

    wouldn't be too hard on the hubs too if he lost his, he probably feels bad enough about it!

    you're really cool about it!

  18. @Jian

    i figured it was just a physical thing.. not like he did it on purpose or threw it out in anger! :)

    we had fun picking a new one. actually.. we walked in, tried the next smaller size and walked out wearing it with no box! it was so fussfree! :) haha! :)

  19. @Janice

    awwwwww poor you!! must have felt terribel!!! daniel's gramma left me a ring too (was gonna be my engagement ring for a while) but its in the safe now. i don't trust myself! xx

  20. @Cayce

    hahah good thing our wedding band is generic! if not it would be hard to replace!

    i used to be really sentimental about everything but realized when you move too many times, you lose track and it becomes a burden!! so i tossed all the little love notes and small trinkets out. had a bawl and now, i cling on to my engagement ring tight! :) lol


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