Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year around the world...

this morning, the husband woke me up with a "look babe! look at what we missed out!!" and since im still sore that our pals are in NYC living it up, i thought i should share it here!

in auckland, new zealand..

back home in singapore!
(did anyone catch any of this in person!?)

in moscow with sprinkling of snow...

in KL..

in jarkarta...

always romantic big ben...

i know i've proved my point but i have to add this in. 
if not i'll hear no end. in melbourne... :)

so someone explain to me how is it that in tokyo, this was all we got...

i get traditions and culture and those grand stuff. 
but a row of monks marching out of meiji shrine!?!
surely one firework or two can't hurt, right?

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  1. Aww where's Sydney's awesome display? I caught the Singapore one from a friend's place, was from a distance though and so had part of it blocked by tall buildings.

  2. Happy new year!!! Ahaha..really, no fireworks at all? :O

  3. Hahaha, you both are hilarious. Hey my cousin sent me his shots of NY in Sydney. You want me to email it to you? :)

  4. These are awesome. The fireworks are amazing.

    Have a great new year!

  5. @Wini

    yes please! would love to see them! :)

    anything is better than tokyo's zero fireworks! :( maybe if i had gone to tokyo disneyland they would have regular weekend ones...

  6. @Ly

    thanks! fireworks are my favorite things on new years!!

    happy new year to you and yours! xx

  7. the one in moscow looks magical...

  8. @kennytricia

    it is, isn't it? though i don't think i can imagine waiting in the cold for a few moments of fireworks.

    i wussed out on the classic NYC new year celebrations even though we were in town!

  9. Happy New Year.... and may you have a great year!
    i wish they'll have one in Japan someday ;)

  10. HAppy New YEar! Hey I heard there was a quake near Izu. Hope you guys are ok in Tokyo

  11. @AdeLheid

    same to you dear!! its so silly cos they have one weekly in disneyland!! :)

  12. @fernoftheforest

    we are ok! we felt it but no damages in tokyo!

    happy new year to your family and little rusty! hope more fabulous staycations for him!


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