Friday, January 20, 2012

musashi spring/summer 2012 collection

i got a few requests to see musashi's little clothes. we were spring-cleaning his wardrobe to make space for new pieces and decided to photograph a few of his and our favorites just for you! for my insta-pals, i couldn't resist sharing a little behind the scenes of musashi's photoshoot.

fun fact:: our little fashionista picks his own outfits everyday and has a really sharp memory. he knows which sweater goes over the head, shirts are button-down and winter coats are hands first! once i wrapped my scarf around him in a junya watanabe-esque way and he loved it!!

 this was a steal from ikea. they have a toy dog in the kiddo department with many changes of clothes for 199 yen! our toy dog happens to be the SAME size!

i love his chest hair !!

grandmama made this for him..

christmas presents from his aussie grandma..

LAD! :)

stay tuned for part two - his sporty collection!!


  1. mmmmmmmmmm chest hair! muahahaha u make me laugh :P

  2. Muuu - you are so cute! I love the capelet grandma made - can't wait to see sportswear! xxx

  3. This COMPLETELY made my day! Love it xx

  4. Wow.. Muu is quite the fashion guru :) And he doesn't squirm when you put him in these clothes?

  5. @manths yayy! Am glad! ;) he makes our day happy all the time!!

  6. @Lady J nope!! He loves loves them all! When nakies, he tries to paw at his wardrobe so I would let him pick the next one!! ;)

  7. he makes an awfully good model! I think a doggy magazine should employ him!

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  9. AHAHA chest hair. Bet the ladies were giving me quite the looks. XD So cute!!

  10. @Jian

    that would be so much fun to be professionally primped and photographed!

    happy chinese new year! xx

  11. Oh.. Hi there handsome...

    You can so totally put him up for pet commercials!

  12. @kennytricia

    man! daniel just got the nastiest comment on his facebook. his friend thought that we were weird for taking pictures of our dog this way.

    ok im a little defensive but SERIOUSLY!? :(


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