Friday, January 27, 2012

musashi sport collection s/s 2012

thanks for all your kind comments on the last fashion shoot! 
i read everyone single comment to muu and he seems rather chuffed with himself! 

what is that i hear? you want more?? oh well, only if you insist...
this is his casual wear collection.

refashioned from an H&M sweater here

inseparable with his nanis

pulling off the basic black tee

im obsessed with doggie stripes. 
he has a whole bunch of these too! 

unfortunately, this is not all of his wardrobe. we pulled out his summer-wear, sporty togs, homie sweats and costumes! and i know what you're thinking!! the answer is yes, he does own more clothes than his daddy!



  1. I know what I'll be dressing Muu in when I'm there :P The blue sweater is ADORBS!!!!!

  2. Super cute! Little guy is such a model too! XD

  3. Awahhhhh too cute!!! *squeals*

    I love his refashioned sweater! Heeeee!!

  4. Too cute! And he has homie sweats?!?! Love it!

  5. My goodness you can seriously use him as a doggy model and sell those shots too!

  6. So cute. Why does your tongue stick out like that? Hee.. Love your outfits!

  7. u know what muu, low round necklines arn't quite your thing... V necks look better on u :)

  8. @kennytricia

    i agree!! unfortunately, for some reason, most doggie clothes are round neck! (maybe its like baby clothes, its meant to be cuter?)


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