Monday, January 30, 2012

letters from doggie:: twenty - seven

hello guys!

it has been fahhh-reeezing in tokyo this week! so to save mami from having to give me baths, i have decided that i will no longer go for walks until it warms up. 

my folks had fried noodles on day one and squeezed in a chinese themed shoot to celebrate the lunar new year. but guess who had to do most of the hard work? mami made me a chinese kung-fu hat...
that was particularly hard to balance!

"hey papi! is that a new flash gun?"

oopsie daisy..

"sorry mami, this hat is hard to balance. 
by the way... i would really love to try a slice of orange later.."
"muu, you can't have oranges but i'll give you a carrot."

hey! who touched my oranges! 

 hmm.. i wonder if they taste like chewsticks...

wishing y'all a happy new year! 
hope you enjoyed all your new year goodies!


  1. So cute! Happy New Year! The food is the best part of CNY :)

  2. This is so cute!! I'm impressed that Muu could stay still during the shoot. Love the hat! Hope you had a wonderful CNY celebration with the fur-kid and your hubby.

  3. Love love love this set of pics :)

  4. @Lady J he kinda didn't stay very still! But that little one lovesss getting his pictures taken!


  5. Your dog is so cute!! I just saw the DIY hat you made for your dog - very creative and cool!

  6. @Nic Nic

    hah! :) thanks!! gotta get creative in japan! half the things you'd get back home is not easily found! xx

  7. Wonderful pictures, I love them all. 狗的心声很动人!!

  8. @Boon Siang

    hahah, mummy! you're so funny! you should have been here to accompany musashi in his photoshoot in your cheongsam! :)

    both of us were wearing boring pajamas! :)


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