Wednesday, January 18, 2012

letters from dog:: twenty six

what's the most annoying thing in your life? for those who think "bad hair days" or "bossiness", i feel ya. i have to deal with that on a daily basis. but the one thing i hate most is....


but im jumping ahead of myself...

it often starts with a bad hair day ..

and some mommy bossiness..

somehow i'll end up in this unfortunate situation..

urm mum.. privacy please?

hate washing my face.

hate towel drying..

hate hair dryers.

don't hate my bribe (warm milk) that much.

and the world is all good (and sweet smelling again)!!

hope you don't have a bossy mom and 
won't have to take a bath today!!



  1. oh Muu...... you can be Maki's best friend in the bathtub/basin.

    You 2 can hate the world together then

  2. First pic - Rolf!! Sorry Muu! Rug is the same - hates showering

  3. Wahh, adorable. XD He's all nice and clean now!

  4. Awaaahhhhhhhh! :3 He is soooooo cute!

    He should meet our pet parrot that my parents are taking care of. He LOOOOOOOOVES bathtime, and loooooves hairdryers even more. It's really difficult to dry him because he always turns around to face the hot air!

  5. woof muu.. I know the feeling but I often look forward to the hard-boiled egg bribe that my pawrents give me after the shower. hehe

  6. ahhh omg! could he be cuter! he looks adorable wet! love it

    love from San Francisco,

  7. @Janice

    hahha!! totally! i can only imagine two grumpy little not so fluffy ones in one sink together!!!

    cuuuute! :)

  8. @Andrea

    i don't get whats up with that. the water is suitably warmed too! not like we throw them in cold water, right?

  9. @Jian

    seriously!?! that's hilarious!!! man! muu should take tips from that parrot!!! the minute we switch on the hair dryer, he looks sooo offended!

  10. @Sparky

    hard boiled egg!! yums!! i think i should try that with him! he might like it!!

  11. @heavenisabookstore

    thanks for visiting! :) he is a munchkin but really not his best look!

  12. he's got this sombre looking expression all over the pictures in this entry... awww, he definitely dislikes his baths huh? =D

  13. @angela

    hates them with vengeance!! poor muffin! unfortunately as a white puppy any bit of dirtiness shows twice as fast!

  14. You use that Castile Soap lavender frangrance? Me too! At WF for $16 megasized bottle.. LOVE. Did you try to other fragrance?

  15. @M

    good eye! :) that's my favorite scent! but i've tried almost everything. orange blossoms, euclyptus and the baby ones are my next favorites.

    not so favorites:: almond!! :)

  16. Oh my, the first pic... hahah

    He baths in the sink?

    I used to have a silky terrier and he would make a whole big mess every time he baths... i cannot imagine bathing him in the sink :)

  17. @kennytricia

    we used to bath him in the shower or tub but we would get all wet cos he wants to cling on to us. this way, we keep the mess to our countertop!

    and its less backaches for us!



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